• Format: CD
  • Band: Omen
  • Title: Halálfogytiglan
  • Band's Origin: HU
  • Style: Heavy Metal
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Recording Year: 2019?
  • Production Year: 2019
  • Record Company: Hammer Records
  • Item's Number: HMRCD 195
  • Color of the Label:
  • Edition:
  • Extras: digipak
  • EAN: 5999566221415
  • Weight: 68 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Hammer Music Release Information

The Hungarian heavy metal legends Omen have released their 11th full-length album, featuring the new vocalist Péter “Stula” Molnár (Stula Rock, ex-Mobilmánia), who replaced the long-time singer Árpád Koronkai. Halálfogytiglan presents ten of the heaviest tracks Omen has written for years, with a powerful and ripping sound created in the Denevér Studio and the Jarvi Music Studio by the producers Zoltán “Töfi” Cserfalvi, Béla Boros and Norbert Jung. The album has been mastered by Cserfalvi as well. The cover art was designed by the well-known graphic artist, Gyula Havancsák, who previously worked with Annihilator, Destruction, Stratovarius, Grave Digger, Tyr and Wintersun among countless others.

Omen was formed as a kind of “supergroup” in 1990 by Pokolgép members József Kalapács (vocals), László Nagyfi (guitars), Ossian drummer Zoltán Nagyfi, guitarist Tamás Szekeres and bass guitarist András Ács. Although the band has seen several line-up changes over the years, and recorded with five vocalists, the Nagyfi brothers as original members have carried the torch for almost three decades. Omen has released 11 studio albums, a live album and a “best of” compilation, and have made their name one of the most prominent ones in the Hungarian heavy metal scene.

Omen 2019:

Péter “Stula” Molnár (vocals)
László Nagyfi (guitars)
Máté Nagy (guitars)
József Mezőfi (bass)
Zoltán Nagyfi (drums)

Stream “Halálfogytiglan” online:

Most kezdődik (official music video)

Az lesz ami volt (official lyric video)

Knock & Roll / Lehunyt szemmel (official lyric video)


1. Most kezdődik
2. Szellempont
3. Jelmezbálban meztelen
4. Knock & Roll (Lehunyt szemmel)
5. Egy jobb pokol
6. Senki lenni
7. Amikor még szerelmes voltam
8. Az lesz ami volt
9. Élni a jó
10. Halálfogytiglan